In the period October to March the Friends Group carries out activities as per the management plan. This includes cutting back scrub and other vegetation that has blocked the path, coppicing the hazels to keep them healthy and removing litter. We want to preserve some areas of grassland in the steep cutting near Tithby Road bridge and this requires annual maintenance as the tree seedlings keep invading.


In the period April to September the Friends carry out surveys and regularly walk the park observing the seasonal changes. On the third Sunday of the month the public are invited to join the walk down the park. The walk starts at the top of the steps by the Tithby Road bridge at 10.00 am. The surveys are to record the number and type of butterflies along a transect as well as what is in flower. This way we can build up a picture of the changes happening in the park. To this end we take fixed point photos 4 times a year to help us monitor  long term changes in the park.


Walks start at approx NG13 8GP

Parking is available on the street on Langar Road and Mill Hill Road.


The railway line originally ran from Bingham to Barnstone. It was never very busy and was mainly used for freight. It was closed in the 1962. Where the line was the same height as the surrounding land it was reverted back into fields. Luckily for us it has remained wild near Bingham as it is in a deep cutting and then raised above the surrounding land on an embankment.


Unless otherwise stated all start at top of steps Tithby Road Bridge at 10 a.m.

Stout shoes needed.

17th October - work party to tidy up after recent strimming machine. Meet at Tithby Road bridge. If you would like to help please bring your own gardening gloves.